Veteran Owned & Operated Family Farm in Black Forest, Colorado

Our goal is to help teach families to be more self-sufficient and lead healthier, happier lives through clean eating and exercise, raising animals, gardening and toxin-free living.

What We Do & Provide Education On:

Growing organic frutis and vegetables in your backyard or garden

Humanely raising animals (for both food and joy!)

Clean eating, regular exercise and toxin free living

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How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

Importance of Staying Hydrated and How Much Water You Should Be Drinking Staying hydrated means taking in fluids. Drinking fluids especially water is important for your body. Your body needs water mainly because water makes up about 60% of your body. However, apart from maintaining that balance, there are numerous benefits to staying hydrated: Improve… Continue reading How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

Keep the dog but not the funk: 5 steps to get rid of dog smell

We. Love. Dogs. Period. End of story. Forever and ever! Their soft fur, their precious kisses, their tail wags, their musty smell. Well, maybe not that last one.It doesn’t matter if you prefer tiny little chihuahuas or massive St. Bernards, dog smells are not fun in any household. The good news? You don’t have to choose… Continue reading Keep the dog but not the funk: 5 steps to get rid of dog smell

DIY garbage disposal fresheners

Ever wonder what that funky smell is coming from your kitchen sink? We’re not exactly sure what it is either, but we do have the solution—DIY garbage disposal fresheners! This easy DIY takes less than an hour, including cleanup! It’s all natural and completely safe for the environment, and the fresheners will make your disposal smell as… Continue reading DIY garbage disposal fresheners