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Looking for a fitness resolution that you can stick to?

I’ve been active in the fitness arena for long enough to notice a pattern. We don’t fall off of weight loss plans, fitness routines or meals plans because the resources don’t exist.  Never before has this world had more access to information at their fingertips. We fall off because we fail to realize that long-term success and results is a product of a lifestyle change.  Habits take 30 days to establish.  So I am going to challenge you to join me in a 30 day lifestyle change (with some pretty great perks).

I’m SO excited to be able to be able to connect my friends with a program that teaches how to take tangible baby step to a healthy life. NOT just massive weight loss that isn’t sustainable or a plan that doesn’t fit your goals.

Here’s the details: 

  • January 11-February 12. 30 days to get you into a routine.
  • An app with customized meal plans for your dietary needs and family situation.
  • Workout plans for every level. Beginner, intermediate and pro. Everything from at home workouts, cardio, yoga, weight training…you name it.
  • Your choice of supplements packages to support your personal goals (weight loss or muscle building…your choice!)
  • $10,000 worth of CASH prizes + tons and tons of product prizes just for showing up. This isn’t a “best before and after” contest. This is a “we teach you how to revamp your life” challenge.

All of this, right at your fingertips. Simple. Customizable. You do NOT have to be the professional to have great success.  Let’s work together to achieve your goals by instilling some easy lifestyle changes over the 30 day period that will work.

1. Purchase one of the new MyQFIT Packs between December 21 and December 31. If you order your pack before December 26, you will also get a FREE Q Sciences shaker cup (while supplies last), so don’t wait!

2. Enjoy the holidays, and on January 4, you will be emailed a promo a code to get the MyQFIT App FREE.

3. Once you’ve received your promo code, go to, click “Get the App” at the top, and follow the steps with your promo code.

4. You will then receive an email to download the app and set up your account!

5. Now that you’re in the app, January 4-January 11 will be the warmup with exclusive workouts and content to prepare you for the start of the challenge.

6. On January 11, let the games begin! You will now have your full workout program and meal plan.

Ready to get started? Pick out your Fit Pack here